Lekruise Solar

Are you tired of the unreliability or unpredictability of the electrical grid in Nigeria?

Are you tired of the rising costs of fuel for your generator and the acknowledge the possibility you may have to use your generator less in the future(if not already) ?

Are you concerned about the noise pollution you create with your generator in your environment?

Are you concerned about the health hazard you create through air pollution for yourself , your family andneighbours through the burning of fuel by your generator?  your contribution to climate change and degradation of the ozone layer through this?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, the solution is near.

With a quality solar panel installation by Lekruise Solutions Company you can be assured of a long time guarantee of power without recurring payments. We will estimate your requirement and give you an installation that will give you value for money along with peace of mind.

We are blessed in Nigeria with a tropical climate that makes the sun available to us everyday at no cost, we will efficiently utilize this resource on your behalf to “empower” you to have progress and comfort.