At Lekruise Solutions Company ,we are committed to bringing you quality and efficient solutions with the services we offer.
With highly trained ,skilled professionals we always deliver results to make our customers

Solar Power Installation

Are you tired of the unreliability or unpredictability of the electrical grid in Nigeria?

Are you tired of the rising costs of fuel for your generator and the acknowledge the possibility you may have to use your generator less in the future(if not already) ?

Are you concerned about the noise pollution you create with your generator in your environment?Read More

CCTV Installation

With the high rate of crime in Nigeria it is necessary to do your best to protect the lives and properties of you and your loved ones.

An analysis by the Nigeria Police stated that 70% of crime is committed around or inside buildings be it commercial or residential.

At Lekruise Solutions Company your security is our business and part of our security solution is the provision and installation of CCTV cameras st your home, business or facility.

O Most Bet também oferece alguns métodos de pagamento seguros que atendem às necessidades de cada jogador.

Well positioned cameras could alert the people around before the danger is too close …Read More


Website Design and Hosting

Do you want a beautiful and practical website for a business, school, hospital, government agency, personal etc?

Lekruise Solutions Company is able to give you a web presence that will enhance and grow your your business.

Lekruise Solutions Company has a mandate to put as many businesses and services in Nigeria online as much as possible as is the case in more developed countries which will enhancce the growth of local businesses and improve our GDP…Read More