Solar Power Installation

Are you tired of the unreliability and unpredictability of the electrical grid in Nigeria?
Are you tired of the rising costs of fuel for your generator and acknowledge the possibility you may have to use your generator less in the future(if not already) ?
Are you concerned about the noise pollution you create with your generator in your environment? ..Read More…

Website Design & Development

Lekruise Solutions Company is renowned as the best website designer, website developer in Ogun State because we develop beautiful, responsive and practical websites with minimal downtime, high speed and search engine optimisation whether for businesses, schools, hospitals, government agencies, personal etc.
A good website can replace a physical office and sales department once integrated with appropriate information and capabilitie...Read More…

CCTV Cameras & Accessories Installation & Maintenance

At Lekruise Solutions company we specialise in CCTV installation and maintenance
CCTV cameras can be used to monitor activities in real time or after they have occurred which can help to apprehend perpetrators or at least create knowledge for future readiness.CCTV can also increase the quality of employees’ work due to constant monitoring Read More…

Computer repairs, Computer Networking & Services

At lekruise Solutions company we repair computers and provide computer services.
Be it your desktop, laptop, 3 in 1 system we are able tofix your problems wheter software or hardware . We provide onsite and offsite services.
Our services are top notch to ensure that you don’t experience the same problem again for at least a long time if ever…Read More…