Lekruise Solar

With the high rate of crime in Nigeria it is necessary to do your best to protect the lives and properties of you and your loved ones.

An analysis by the Nigeria Police stated that 70% of crime is committed around or inside buildings be it commercial or residential.

At Lekruise Solutions Company your security is our business and part of our security solution is the provision and installation of CCTV cameras st your home, business or facility.

Well positioned cameras could alert the people around before the danger is too close so as to take evasive or responsive action and where the crime is successfully carried out could assist the security agencies through recorded footage to apprehend the culprits.

Also if you are an employer of labour, be it of just a security man or housemaid or a big organisation it is important to monitor your workers not just to detect crime or forestall crime( as crime will reduce due to knowledge of camera presence) but to make sure they are doing their expected assignments because according to Louis Vincent “Lou” Gerstner Jr. – former chairman and chief executive officer of IBM corporation, credited with turning IBM’s fortunes around -“people don’t do what you expect but what you inspect”. Well installed cameras in the workplace can increase profitability by increasing workers’ productivity and reducing pilferage.

You can monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world via mobile phones or any other internet enabled devices and storage could also be done in the cloud i.e on internet so that even if your recording device gets damaged or stolen your data will still be accessible.

You can select from a wide range of camera and installation types to suit your purpose and budget.

Our experienced and professional staff will give you an investment that you will forever be glad for.