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Lekruise Solutions Company is renowned as the best website designer, website developer in Ogun State because we develop beautiful, responsive and practical websites with minimal downtime, high speed and search engine optimisation whether for businesses, schools, hospitals, government agencies, personal etc.
A good website can replace a physical office and sales department once integrated with appropriate information and capabilities, we can enhance your searchability, create an online store, install contact forms and integrate with social media.
Lekruise Solutions Company is the leading website design and development company in Ogun State, our alliance with Industry leaders in website development technology helps to maintain this position.

Our website design and development arm of Lekruise Solutions Company has a passion to spread the web all across Nigeria with the goal to make products and services information more available online has is done in many other countries.
Our well trained team have a high level of experience and competence in all aspects of website designing, hosting, domain registration, domain transfer , website troubleshooting and software development.
Our professionals also handle server functions to keep them running at all times and provide website security to protect your valuable databases.
Lekruise Solutions Company we work with you to meet your goal so we tailor our work with your uniqueness in consideration to give you a web presence that will enhance your business or service.Best Website designer,Website Developer Ogun State

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Low Prices

With our highly efficient operations and our passion for nationwide website proliferation , we deliver our services at low cost to encourage website acquisition by all and sundry.


We move quickly to develop and deliver your website once all relevant information is supplied and design specifications are concluded with you. We work online so progress can be monitored in real time.


With over 1000 websites hacked and infected every hour with resultant downtime, compromise and financial losses, it is important to have a secure website that is protected against hackers and malware.

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